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set x me free xx: ME TOO KAT
set x me free xx: we should be like twins or something sgtkhjkdthfhjfdsykd
Hella McFLY: hahaha
she takes aphoto: except then when both of us wanted him things would get a bit weird
hadxmehypnotised: if you were twins
hadxmehypnotised: you could both have him
hadxmehypnotised: and he'd never know
she takes aphoto: HAHAHAHAH
Hella McFLY: hahahahaha
Hella McFLY: good logic jlee
hadxmehypnotised: lolll
she takes aphoto: only if we were identical but WOULDN'T TAHT BE AMAZING
set x me free xx: OMG YES KAT
she takes aphoto: he'd get so confused
set x me free xx: DFHKJSGNHDFYK
she takes aphoto: just picture it

so basically aye, julie, and kat own you. dhsdgjnhjdghkd h =]
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