Paigeyface (copperxxinsides) wrote,

she takes aphoto: i'm not going to give you that 'every girl is beautiful on the inside' crap because i know what it feels like to think you're absolutely hideous. i got told i was ugly every day, a few years back, and after a while i started to believe it. things change paigey; i was completely depressed with how my life was going , and things have only recently begun to slightly look up for me. i love you so much painter, & it makes me so sad to see you like this. you are fucking beautiful. you're beautiful to me & if other people don't see that, then fuck them. they're not important anyway. ily<3
set x me free xx: like i said, ily so hard<3
she takes aphoto: and like i said, i love you more, always. :-)

kat is my hero. 'Nuff said.
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