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okay so i've declared myself the biuggest loser in the world. YAY! okay so i got paid on tuesday, and i've been planning to get these two games since like EVER now. so, next week i'm so getting this other one ANYWAYS. i got FINAL FANTASY X yesterday (since it's 2 AM here) and the strategy guide as well. i've played this game, but only got to a certain point before the game was taken from meh. OKAY HORRIBLE I KNOW. and like, yeah. so, when i ask for the ps2 back, my mum is like "tomorrow" and i'm like OMG. STUPIDHEAD. I DID NOT BUY THIS GAME JUST TO PLAY IT TOMORROW! bleh oh well. and, i was like "okay paige, read the strategy guide, memorize some stuff and you can go through the gamea bit faster". so, i started reading and got this HUGE HEADACHE. OMG. IT WAS SO PAINFUL and then i was like "okay, go to sl33p paige."

so i did. now, i had this dream about this wonderfulyl spectacular boy name jamie lawrence from mugglecast. of course he's british. who the hell do you take me for?! (kidding, but eh). JAMIE

okay so, here's my dream (as told to Julia.. cos... her and Aye are apart of it. =] )

Aye + Eric.
Paige + Jamie.
Emerson + Julia.
Yes, we love this plan quite a bit. OKAY

set x me free xx: okay so, it was me you and aye. and they were doing one of those live mugglecast things, at that one HP convention we all wanted to go to (and obv. we went to in my dream) and jamie was there.. so andrew starts this mugglecast and aye is all excited, as are you, and i'm just... standing there, turning on this iPod (... don't ask who's it was, i unno). then, they totally call me out and are like "HWY ARE YOU LISTENING TO MUSIC?!" and i'm like "... i'm listening to past muggltcasts, geniuses." and then andrew is all happy and i go on and say "i'm listen to both at the same time. i'm just amazing like that."
set x me free xx: then AFTER they're done with this show, you and aye totally meet emerson and eric =] and i was just standing there waiting for you guys to finish your forever long conversations and Jamie comes up. he says hi and stuff and then it gets awkward, cos i'm not sure what to say to him. he ends up going "... you listen to me on the show, right?" and i'm like "... chyeah. jamie lawrence = most of the reason why i listen to the show. okay, so not really, you count for 40% why, but you beat out by 'the fact that Paige reads the books'. Good reason, no?" and yeah
set x me free xx: it was like hours later and we all had to go, so... YOU had Emersons number =], aye had Eric, and then (since i just got my cell phone) jamie wanted mine, and i didn't want to give it to him randomly cos that'd get my hopes up. SO he was like "here, you can have mine as well." and then he gave me his number (.. odd number, too) and he was all saying good bye and he kissed me =] then i woke up
so far above you: OMG WOW AMAZING DREAM
set x me free xx: i want to know what happens afterward! like a sequel to a story or something XD
so far above you: LOL
set x me free xx: cos you cannot just KISS someone and leave them hanging like that.d htjksntjksrjrw totally not cool. even if it is a dream.
so far above you: seriously =/
set x me free xx: awww. tidus sort of did that to yuna =[ like, without meaning to.
so far above you: sigh =/

OKAY MCMOMMY [Julia] IS DEALING WITH SLACKERS [he's just a feeling you ignore, a dumb computer hacker, trashcan on the floor, a pitiful disaster, cry to sl33p at night cos he never got it right and he never realised it doesn't even matter. later on in life, he's drowning in his laughter, 3 kids and a wife, he's happy ever after. stoked to be alive with his dream job up at nasa, lovin' every day. well i guess it really pays to be a slack errrrr yeahhheayhhh. SHUTTING UP NOW.] THIS IS SO FREAKING LAME. SFJKHNFDGHJSF I always get stuck with them as well.

Good lukc McMommy. =]


Now, that was one weird/wonderful dream. BUT i want to finish it, like i said. ii srsly wish dreams came in succession like that, cos that'd be rad. like a little story up in your head =]

i'm not, it's just 3AM xD
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