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and now is when i decide to get pissed

okay, stupid fuckers that live in my home town


i mean rly. if you don't want to call me up and go do something, then don't fucking call me your friend. don't ask if i'm going to homecoming, i don't even go to your fucking school anymore! i work, i get money, and i have better people to talk to than you fuckbags, okay? i just want you guys to go fall off a cliff and stop tlaking to me. yeah, it was cool when i saw you veryday, but i was still stuck at home on friday nights doing nothign because you guys ditched me for your boyfriends. i know i'm not pretty enough to get a guy, and i know they all porbably think i'm a btich but really now. i needed my friends, and you were obv. not there for me. i don't need poeple like that. so, leave me the fuck alone and stop talking to me.

i left CFHS for a reason. it's because you're all cunts and are so stuck on yourself you don't even realise that i'm not as happy and tough as you all think i am. i cry myself to sleep at night. my mother calls me fat, ugly and useless everyday. i was better on my fucking own. i needed to get rid of the biggest cause of stress in my life. god i just want to move somewhere else, hwere no one knows me. just so i can get away from all of you. and i can finally tell my mom i'm going out one night with my friends, because i seriously don't think i've ever said that to her.

okay, i'm going to be quiet now cos i'm crying, and i can't type anymore.
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