Paigeyface (copperxxinsides) wrote,

okay this is rly soppy, and you rly can't blame me for it I WAS OUT OF MY MIND THIS MORNING DKFGBNDS

okay so, i wrote this letter thing, and I don't know what's WRONG with me. it was like a vent sort of thing, but i want you to read it.

November 5th : 2:30AM

Okay, I don't even know WHY i'm going this, but i suppose i need to. it was like 1:30AM and i started listening to Wonderland (HAHA YESS THAT CD<3) and i couldn't fall asleep. SO i picked up a book (Dreamland - Sarah Dessen) and started reading. Well, you know I was so MOODY today/yesterday and She Falls Asleep Pt 1 came on, and I got all choked up. DAmn you Tom Fletcher. then in the book I was reading this girl was getting abused by her boyfriend, and it just set me off. i started BAWLING. i was reading, and listen to She Falls Asleep Pt 2 (it changed) and i thought about you girls. how you're really the only people in the world who believe in me. you girls mean so much to me! i'm not going to waste precious time thinking of ways to describe it, because i can tell you right now it's impossible. everytime i have to elave, i wish i could be in front of my computer, talking to you girls, or wishing we lived in the same place. i LIVE for those chats that are so fast-paced i can barely understand it all. sometimes i wish i could jsut hug you girls so bad, just to let you know i love you. sometimes i wonder if you girls feel the same, then you go and say sometimes that makes it real. BACK TO MY POINT OKAY. so it's been an hour since then, and i'm still crying i'm singign HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS really loud to myself. you girls are my life (along with mcfly) and i'd be lost without you. i'd probably be running into glass doors or something.

thanks girls, for just being there when no one else was.



( i know i'm cheesy, shut it! )

okay so there it is. i'm so emo my god. i finsihed that at like, 2:30, and i kept crying til like 4 or whatever. it was nuts. okay shutting up now
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