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copperxxinsides's Journal

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About the girl
Hii. My name's Paige. You canc all me Paigey, Paiger, Paigeyface, Paigeypoo, Paigeypie, Paige Muffins, or Painter (if you know what it means/where it came from) I'm 15. You can send me presents on October 21. I love music, and as cliche as this sounds, music is my life. so many bands have opened me up to other places in the world, and so many other bands. My favourite by far has to be McFLY. Son of Dork and Fall Out Boy coming in a close second. You can yell at me for liking Fall Out Boy all yuo want, I only think it's funny. I've liked them for a while, not since "sugar..." came on the radio. I like graphic desgin, and I'm usually always using my photoshop when I get bored, or just see a pretty picture I could use. I write fiction, and if you've already been to read my journal, than you can see that.

Meaning behind teh username.
My usernmae comes for the song "Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (Wish You Were here)" By Fall Out Boy (off Take This To Your Grave). The lyrics are as follows: My insides are copper I'd kill to make them gold". That is my favourite song by FOB, and I'm proud ot say it =]

You can usually find me in these fine communities.

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1.Rain 2.Sky 3.Water 4.Candles 5.Clouds
6.Music 7.Paper 8.Food 9.Tour Bus 10.Eyes
11.Movie 12.Fan Fic 13.Computer 14.Happy 15.Sad
16.Handcuffs 17.Car 18.Black & White 19.Hoodie 20.Teenie
21.Guitar 22.Drums 23.Blindfold 24.Hate 25.Love
26.Fork 27.Tattoo 28.Bunk Bed 29.Lust 30.Crayons
31.Lips 32.Tongue 33.Cheating 34.Peircing 35.Sunset
36.Storm 37.Lighting 38.Smell 39.Sunrise 40.If
41.Secret 42.He 43.What? 44.Closet 45.Breakfast
46.Toliet 47.Beach 48.Window 49.Television 50.Bathtub
51.Pink 52.Hair 53.Photo 54.Book 55.Abuse
56.Blood 57.Scar 58.Death 59.Birthday 60.Boxers
61.Stickers 62.Towel 63.Cologne 64.Camera 65.Box
66.Grass 67.Sidewalk 68.Street 69.Market 70.Fart
71.Snot 72.Stage 73.Crowd 74.Thumbtack 75.Sock
76.Haunted 77.Staircase 78.Sixty-Nine 79.Shoes 80.Kitten
81.Heat 82.Ice 83.Rubberband 84.Crying 85.Graveyard
86.Hanger 87.Snow 88.Boat 89.Pool 90.Christmas
91.Halloween 92.Easter 93.New Years 94.Marriage 95.Anniversery
96.Writer's Choice 97.Writer's Choice 98.Writer's Choice 99.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice

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